Optional services at Hotel Apelsin

  • Wi-Fi (free)
  • Restaurant
  • Calling a taxi
  • ATM-machine
  • Transport services
  • Food delivery to rooms
  • Visa support

Room service

At a request from the visitors our staff will deliver coffee and pastries to the rooms or will serve a lunch / dinner for two. Newspapers, letters and parcels can be sent to our hotel’s address and delivered to you by our staff at your convenience.


Other services offered to the visitors include laundry and ironing. Our staff will take care of your clothes according to the rates that can be found in every room.

All you have to do is to put your clothes in special bags or give them to the floor manager. After a set amount of time your clothing will be cleaned and ironed.

Mini safe at the reception

You can leave valuable things in a mini safe by ordering the service at the reception at any convenient time. The mini safe service is free of charge.

Visa support

To travel to Russia almost all of foreign citizens need a visa.